I can stare at my new Little Man all day long and never tire of him. His sweetness, innocence, and cuteness grabs my heart strings every time. Of course, I may be biased… :P

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  • Scott Hogue

    I Googled my name Scott Hogue and found your Web Site. The pictures are excellent. I am in the South (Carrollton, Tx) and dont care for that white stuff either. Strange that you called your child "Pumpkin". We lost our daughter Kimbra in 1991 and her nickname was pumpkin also. Our daughter died at the age of 4 years old because we gave her Dimetapp DM cough medicine. We are currently in legal action against them. Please do NOT give your pumpkin Dimetapp DM before the age of 6. You may have heard of this on the news. God Bless You Hogue's from another Hogue.

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