If you frequent Flickr, you’ll know that HBW means “Happy Bokeh Wednesday”! ;)

This is my first attempt to purposely get circle bokeh in a photo.

Bokeh is a Japanese term that refers to out-of-focus areas in a photo. But more than just parts of a photo being blurry, bokeh is aesthetic pleasing to the eye and adds to the photograph. (Pioneer Woman blog has another great explanation of bokeh.)

I use a point-and-shoot camera, so I find it hard to get the circle bokeh I adore in so many of the HBW photos I see. Through experimenting, I found that I can overcome the limitations of my camera and achieve that circle bokeh!

Here because my camera only goes as wide open as f/3.2 (and sometimes I can’t even force it below f/3.4), I must ensure my background is very far away, my camera is on macro, my subject is fairly close to me and the camera is zoomed in to the subject.

HBW all!

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