All of the kids…

fire department
We went last weekend to the Rochester Hills Fire Department open house. Had a lot of fun, ate too many donuts and hot dogs, and got a few photos of the kids. Of course, I am realizing getting all of the kids to look at the camera at once is near impossible….

So this photo is manipulated… I liked the 3 youngest kids but my oldest has this funky look that she gets when she quints. Looks really weird. (The same look that really messed up my favorite bridal picture when I was getting married 5 years ago.)

So I took her head from another photo from the day and transplanted it here. It wasn’t as easy as I thought because she looked like her head was a balloon! (That got a good laugh from everyone! Especially when I added her "balloon head" to Rachel’s and Josh’s bodies!! LOL) So I learned how to resize, blend, etc. using masks and layers to get this to look natural. Came out ok, huh? :)

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