A Different Dance

Rachel had her dance recital, and now Kayla has a dance of a different kind to show. :)

Ann-Marie has recently started playing music while Kayla rides. Make sure you have your volume up when watching this video. Watch how Rhythm seem to be prancing to the beat of the song. It is like Kayla and Rhythm really are dancing. Pretty cool. Sure jazzes up the regular riding lessons, huh? ;)

(Video taken by Ann-Marie Lavallee.)

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  • Dad

    Really a great video of Kayla riding. Is this training for barrel racing?

    Since Kayla has obviously stuck with horsemanship (horsepersonship to be PC) and I know she is only 13 (going on 30) but is she/you giving any thoughs to a career having to do with horses, ranch management, etc? Now is the time to start planning.

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