Meadow Brook Hall

Weekly Assignment: Seasons (thread here)
For week: Jan 30 – Feb 13

This assignment was easy. We just had our 4th major snow storm of the season the day before I took this shot. I was coming home and detoured through the beautiful Oakland University campus hoping for a great photo for the assignment. Came upon this scene and felt it was right out of a book.

Meadowbrook Hall resides on Oakland University’s campus. It was built between 1926 and 1929 as a home for widow Matilda Dodge Wilson (widow of auto pioneer John Dodge) and her second husband, lumber broker Alfred G. Wilson. With 88,000 square feet of 110 rooms, 88,000-square-foot, Tudor-revival style mansion is the 4th largest house museum in the United States.

ETA on Feb 16, 2008:
I wanted to add that today I found out that my photo was a runner up in the mini-contest at DPS. I’m so incredibly excited and honored!

You can read the blog post here >

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