My 1st attempt at taking fireworks. The Digital Photography School article on shooting fireworks was extremely helpful. Shooting at ISO 100, f/8, and long shutter speeds were recommended. They gave tips when using a DSLR but I found them to be helpful with my point-and-shoot.

I did learn a few things…

1) If I thought my camera had a small lag time when trying to photograph active children, it is 100 times worse trying to shoot fireworks at night.

2) Timing is everything. And somehow I didn’t get it for most of the shots. I was trying to compensate for that lag time so instead of clicking when the fireworks were about to explode, I’d try when I heard the “pomf” of them being launched. But then depending on the launch time, I’d have all tail and no explosion. I just couldn’t get it quite right.

2) 15 second exposure time is too long for most of the fireworks I was trying to capture. 2 seconds too short.

3) Babies and toddlers love to mess with the tripod while you are trying to photograph fireworks. Something about steel objects on legs is just irresistible.

4) Must ensure extra batteries are in camera case. A no brainer but I packed everything yesterday (snacks, sweaters, toys, etc) BUT the batteries.

5) It is harder than you think to hold a baby to comfort him while trying to press the shutter button.

We had a great time, though, last night and great fun experimenting with photographing fireworks. :)

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