Dance Rehearsal

Rachel took ballet/tap combination class this past year at Oxford Academy of Dance and Performing Arts, and she loved every minute of it. Her recital is tomorrow but tonight Rachel had her dance rehearsal. Daddy had an opportunity to record it using our digital camera.

We really need to buy a camcorder one of these days as the camera doesn’t zoom or anything while using the video function, but hopefully you can see her dance well enough to recognize the little red head in the group… she comes through the arch second (at time 1:27, she’s the little girl on the left) and from that time on until they go into the circle, she is at the end of the line on the far left. At the very end of the video, her instructor and owner of the dance studio, Kati Clark, comes on stage and gives last minute instructions to the girls.

Isn’t Rachel just the most adorable little ballerina ever?? I told her I thought she looked like a magical fairy. In characteristic Rachel fashion, she just grinned at me and said, “awww mom.” She is pretty shy about compliments which makes her even more adorable. :love:

I ordered regular DVDs that will be made of the performance tomorrow night and of course we are ordering photos.

Lots of photos.

Because we all know that those little portrait packages just aren’t going to be enough for a proud momma like myself. ;)

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