Red on Red

What do you get when you have a pretty chestnut mare and beautiful fall colors? Red on red!

This evening Kay and I went out to the big pasture where we have some trees on fire with vivid autumn colors. It is just gorgeous up there. If dark clouds weren’t rolling in, we could have stayed there enjoying the scenery!

Kay has been begging me to take a few “real” photos of Rhythm now that we have the DSLR. It was the perfect chance to test drive this D3100. I used the 50mm F/1.8 lens. My focus is off here (my fault), her left leg positioning is “off” (I’d bring it a bit more forward or at least even with the right leg), and I’d like a bit more depth of field (personal preference). Otherwise I really like how it came out. I had to warm it quite a bit in post-processing but the colors were fantastic and needed no improvement.

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