Favorite Dress

She’d wear this stinky and stained if I’d let her. =)

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  • Great point-of-view and perspective. Love the details in the little skirt and the contrasting colors. And – if she loves it that much – by all means..let her enjoy it!!!

  • Hello Christine ~ What a great shot. I too like the perspective of it.

    I found your site from your comment you left on my blog. It's always great to "meet" other moms with similar interests! I'm bookmarking your site as well! :) God bless!

  • Sweet photo and it brings back memories. I had a pink one when I was a little girl, I wore it until my butt was hanging out the bottom, LOL! It was a super mini skirt before my mother made me quit wearing it!

  • I can see why it’s a favorite. It’s adorable!
    Christine, your photography is wonderful. I love the crop on this photo.

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